Praries Society

Welcome to the Prairie Society of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA) of Canada.

VRA is the first organization in Canada to provide registration of vocational rehabilitation professionals. Our goals are to implement best practices, adhere to ethical standards and provide quality service to clients, employers and healthcare, education, insurance and legal representatives. Our membership consists of individuals from various disciplines including those with backgrounds and training in rehabilitation, case management, disability management, psychology, social work, social services, kinesiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, medicine, chiropractic care, education and related fields. Students studying in these disciplines are welcomed as members.

Designations that may be applied for through VRA Canada include:

  • Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP)
  • Registered Community Support Specialist (RCSS)
  • Registered Vocational Professional (RVP)

Details regarding membership and designations may be found at the VRA Canada site:

In addition to offering our members support, education and benefits, the VRA Prairie Society advocates for our provincial members and collaborates, consults and cooperates with all 7 societies across Canada, including VRA Canada. We strive to offer our members outstanding opportunities and tools to build and maintain the highest professional standards in our field.

The Prairie Society is in the building phase and Tracy Thiessen is the new Prairie Society President. If anyone has an interest or desire to serve on the Prairie Society Board, there are available opportunities to volunteer please reach out to Tracy Thiessen. I plan to send periodic e-mails to all members and updating them on local and national initiatives.

This year, I sent out a survey to all Prairie Society members asking them what are their priorities and preferences in belonging to an Association and how specifically the Prairie Society could assist them. The results showed that there is an agreement that education to maintain certifications and designations is the primary issue in which they would appreciate assistance. Ethics CEU’s were identified also as a core competency where CEU’s are more difficult to obtain.

Prairie Society members have been granted access to the free online learning academy until December 2021.

This year, we hope to provide a virtual session with more than one speaker. It is less costly for us to offer virtual sessions, so providing education with an increased number of speakers will be our primary effort in 2021.