September 7, 2021

VRA Canada Online Academy and Continuing Education Units

The Association currently offers 22 courses in the format of learning modules. This material is comprehensive, evidence-based and peer-reviewed. Each module pertains to a Domain of Learning for both the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada (VRAC) and the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP) in the areas of both vocational rehabilitation and vocational evaluation. They may also be applicable to other professional certifications; it is the decision of the profession’s certifying body as to whether the modules can be accepted.

The platform allows for flexible and accessible learning opportunities so individuals can work at their own pace. The link to the platform is on the home page of the VRAC website in the education section.

Members of VRAC and non-members can take the courses: the cost is slightly higher for non-members and the cost of each course is related to the number of hours required to complete each one.

Those who take the courses are eligible to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) once each course is successfully completed. Again, the number of CEUs awarded depends on the length of each course. VRAC members must obtain 100 CEUs every 5 years, 10 of which must be in the ethics domain. In addition, some of the courses are particularly helpful for those who are planning to become registrants of CVRP and are preparing to write the CVRP exam.

Given the necessity at this time and for the foreseeable future to complete most education in an on-line format, these online modules are one of the best options for those new to the field of Vocational Rehabilitation and for those who are looking to upgrade their learning in specific areas.

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Dr. Garry Corbett

Dr. Garry Corbett

I fell in love with the field of vocational rehabilitation and assisting people going back to work